Gaza under Attack – Call for Action – Please distribute widely


Dec 28, 2008 – Nablus

At a time when people around the world are busy preparing for the year’s biggest celebrations; the New Year count down, people in Gaza are busy counting the piles of dead bodies after the massive Israeli attacks launched earlier this morning. The shocking massacre in Gaza has so far taken over 220 lives and the number is expected to grow as rescue efforts are still ongoing.

On 19th of June this year Hamas and Israel have agreed to start a ceasefire, this has not stopped Israel from escalating siege and taking Palestinian lives, source mention that Israel has violated the truce 195 times. Just days before the end of the truce Israel started a propaganda campaign promoting what it considers its right to defend itself against the homemade rockets fired from inside the strip, the Israeli envoy to the UN has written the Secretary General Ban-ki moon claiming that “Israel is interested in continuing the ‘state of calm’ ” while holding Hamas responsible for the siege and the humanitarian situation of the people in Gaza. This type of statements has been widely promoted in the UN circles and International media. Tsibi Livni’s recent activities from which her visit to Egypt yesterday, apparently aimed to prepare Arab and International diplomacy for the violent escalation, many Palestinians suspect that such diplomatic maneuvers were aiming to obtain an implicit blessing of Arab regimes.

December 27th attack clearly exceeded the number of violations that took place during this whole year; it may even be the biggest since the year 1967. This alleged war against Hamas leaves Gazans with no protection whatsoever and although Hamas forces are the declared target, images from the ground show children, women and innocent civilians form the largest percentage of victims.

Indications on the ground warn that today was just the beginning and Israeli officials are assuring that economic, political and military means are going to be used to topple Hamas. The unprecedented attacks of today leave Palestinians with not many choices; we believe that such attacks will only increase the magnitude of violence…

We therefore, ask the Palestinians and their friends for action:

·         We ask Palestinians to call off any forms of New Year Celebrations as a form of respect and mourn to the souls of those murdered by the Israeli criminal machinery.


·         We ask all Palestinians and their friends everywhere to spread the word about what’s going on in Gaza, and get out in the streets in their places of residence; anywhere in the world to protest Israeli atrocities and Arab and International silence.


·         Renew the calls for boycott to Israeli governmental organizations and non-governmental institutions or individuals that support Israeli violent actions in Gaza whether those were political, educational, cultural or commercial.


·         We ask any of you who have a suggestion of a non-violent protesting act to spread the word about it through the different available means.


Signature: a group of Palestinians



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